Cinque Terre

The sea

Beaches in Cinque Terre are not a lot.

Monterosso has the only long and sandy beach in the area where you can rent chairs and umbrellas or a kajak to explore the many coves around the coast.

Vernazza has a nice little beach in front of the harbour wich is free.

Between Corniglia and Vernazza Guvano beach is one the most beautiful and isolted.

But to enjoy the most Cinque Terre sea, rent a kajay and explore the coast between the five towns, you will find many little coves with pure crystal sea water and you will really experience the unadulterated beauty of this place.

Sea photogallery


Cinque Terre enjoy an exceptionally mild climate, with summers that are hot but not muggy and short winters with fairly stable temperatures, due in part to the mitigating effect of the Ligurian Sea. The Appennine mountains shelter it from northern winds; on the other hand, its exposure to winds from the south allows you to experience spectacular sea storms when the libeccio or scirocco (african winds) are blowing. All year round, the climate of the Cinque Terre is an enviable one!

Average of temperatures

Fall 15-18° C 59-65° F

Winter 8-14° C 46-58° F

Spring 19-22° C 66-72° F

Summer 23-30° C 74-86° F

Days of no rain

Fall 22

Winter 18

Spring 24

Summer 28